You are trapped in a room with a sleeping beast. You need to find a way out without waking it up. Be careful with what you do. One false move can lead to death!

It is not a long game so if you want to try something with little time contentment, look no further. Pick up and use items. Don't forget you can combine them as well.
Good luck!

Would love to hear any feed back. 

Yes, I did all this amazing art myself. No, I am not available for lessons.


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I cant make the baby shut up please help

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Sorry, that would be cheating. My advice would be to think outside the box and check all options.


Yup, tried for almost an hour and I couldn't pass it..... I got to open the door with the little toy box noise but after that, I couldn't turn it off. It's cute but a bit too hard for me. Thanks!

thanks for giving it a try. Gave a little update to make some things a bit easier but may not help for where you are stuck.

Lol, damn.... This has been eating me up inside to be honest. I love escape rooms and this one stayed with me like the "Haunted Hill" ones. I have no idea why but, I really do wanna finish this. Maybe some day... lol


It was always be here so take your time and come back anytime. thanks.